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The MPD patent drawing for the first coin cell battery holder.

The first coin cell battery holder made for general PCB placement was invented and patented by MPD in 1983, and since then we have been modernizing and improving our designs constantly. Along the way, we have created a wide variety of coin cell battery holders for use in all types of devices, and from handheld medical devices to server motherboards we have solutions for any application. The ever increasing types, sizes, and sheer number of devices which use coin cell battery holders have been keeping us busy, and we have a similarly increasing selection of coin cell battery holder designs. After all, the perfect coin cell battery holder for a handheld medical device is going to be vastly different from the one for a server motherboard.
Unique Coin Cell Battery Holders
MPD has pioneered a large number of new styles of coin cell battery holders to suit the various needs of the electronics industry. Our Verticals are an excellent way to save space on a crowded board, while our Minis can save almost 3 mm in height above the PCB over traditional coin cell battery holders. Gliders are an excellent upgrade over coin cell retainers, offering more reliable connections while also having simple, tool-less battery replacements. Our newest technology is Snap Dragon, which adds a snapping cover to the traditional style of coin cell battery holders for increased reliability.
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