InstaLoad Battery Holders

Product Family Overview

InstaLoad battery holders are an ingenious solution to guarantee correct battery insertions by users.

MPD is a licensed manufacturer of Microsoft's InstaLoad technology, allowing us to use this amazing technology in our battery holders. InstaLoad eliminates incorrect battery insertions by making the battery work regardless of which way it is inserted. By using special contacts which have both positive and negative terminals instead of just one or the other, and a special circuit connecting these contacts, electronics users no longer need to worry about putting a battery in the wrong way. More information about InstaLoad is available here on Microsoft's website.
Patented Technology
InstaLoad is patented by Microsoft, and through a license agreement MPD is developing InstaLoad battery contacts and holders.
InstaLoad Battery Contacts
Our InstaLoad battery contacts are also available seperate from the holders. For more information, please visit our InstaLoad battery contacts page here.
MPD Battery Holder Product Families
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